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Like many before me, I was a diver that was looking to travel but was having a hard time coordinating schedules with friends to go on dive trips. I wasn't keen on tagging along with local dive shops and clubs that already had established cliques and where I would come in as the outsider trying to break into the group.

Nor was a wild about the idea of showing up at a dive resort and being that guy sitting alone at the dinner table and paying really high single room supplements. I also dreaded the spin the bottle approach of assigning dive buddies where I would inevitably get either the DCS waiting to happen diver, the which way did he go diver, or the did you see the big "S" on my chest diver!

Then I found and Kamala. I took a leap of faith and gave it a try. Now seven dive trips later in the last 3 years, my only regret is that I didn't find the site sooner! There are no cliques to break into. Every trip is a mix of new and some old friends from varying dive and social backgrounds. You have many professional divers with thousands of dives and newer divers just beginning to find their way. The mix is balanced and gives every diver no matter their experience level the ability to really get what they specifically want out of their dive vacation.

Kamala does a great job of pairing divers in and out of the water. You end up with a great dive buddy and a great roommate if you want to avoid those single supplements. You can be as social and engaging as you want or do your own thing, all while always having the bargaining power and advantages of traveling with a group and a trip leader that is respected and listened to by the resort and dive op.

I have learned more about diving in the last three years than I did in the ten years before my first singledivers trip. Being around such great divers and people in general elevated me. I've followed Kamala from the relatively close Bahamas to the other side of the planet in the Maldives. All the while feeling confident that I would benefit from her years of experience traveling the globe, avoiding the pitfalls that others fall into when they do it on their on or with less experienced operators.

To put it simply, singledivers makes dive travel easy and worry free, whether traveling with someone or traveling alone. Best decision I've ever made joining that first trip! Heading to Bonaire next month for trip number eight! Jose Russa @ 08/09/2015, 4:29 am
I have to say I am amazed at the improvement in the website. I love Single Divers, but the former website was not the best and could be cumbersome. This new interface is flawless and combines everything seamlessly. You can enter your information for one trip and the critical stuff is retained for the next trip. You can see your account balance for your trip and make payments, even pay on different trips now. It is really a great new website and new and old members should give Kamala and the website team applause for the hard work that has produced such an amazing website. Chris Hardham @ 07/18/2015, 3:36 pm
I have been on 6 Single Divers trips in the last 4 years and have always had a very good time. I am naturally leary of 'group tours' having been on a few and experiencing dissatisfaction with the operation or incompatibility with the other guests, but this hasn't happened with Single Divers. All my roommates and everyone in the group have been great; interesting people who share a love of diving and a respect for the ocean. The facilities and dive guides have been top shelf, and we receive superior service vs. just showing up at the dive shop (and being put into a group that may not be compatable with the way you like to dive). I've met great dive buddies, learned how to become a better diver, and experienced some truly fantastic diving throughout the world. It's a fun group. Handyman @ 06/28/2015, 9:40 am
I stumbled upon the SD table at the Beneath the Sea expo (NJ) and kept them in mind as I was planning my next dive trip. As a single traveler/diver the prices were astronomical and unaffordable. I also wasn’t impressed with the destinations my local shop was visiting year after year after year. So I took a chance and booked a trip with SingleDivers and haven’t looked back.

It was easy to book and a great value. I didn’t have to work out all the trip details myself, negotiate rates or haggle for extra’s. And no dreaded single supplement! Package pricing was a huge benefit – with accommodations, diving, some meals, airport transfers, etc. I could otherwise not have afforded to do this trip on my own, and would have likely paid double. Without SD I would have missed this destination and others.

Through SD, I was assured of a qualified & similarly skilled buddy. SingleDivers does an awesome job at matchmaking for dive buddies and roommates. There is a short questionnaire to fill out pre-departure and Dive Guru Kamala makes great matches.

Everyone on the trip was very friendly and while we spent a lot of time on the boat together there was plenty of opportunities to do your own thing. The other travelers were from all over the world and all ages. Over the course of the week I got to know everyone and learned a lot from more experienced divers. Throughout the week there were planned social activities and happy hour, but it never felt forced or like camp for adults – just enough.

The diving was great and the shop treated our group very well because of their relationship with Kamala.
Since that first trip, I’ve done a few more and each time it’s been a great value, great people and great diving (why go to less than stellar sites?). Looking forward to more easy travel and awesome trips in the future! FishFriend @ 06/25/2015, 5:34 am
Great trips. Have done two and will be on another in September. Website is a work-in-progress, so bear with them. Tandoorii @ 06/24/2015, 4:18 pm