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In November 2004, I was watching something on TV, two ladies were talking about the fabulous dive trip they had been on with I no longer had a dive buddy and was very interested in this. My first trip with Kamala was to Grenada in September of 2005. I have been on 8 trips since then and they all have been fabulous. She is a taskmaster when it comes to comfortable dive buddy's and roommate situation and I have not had one problem. I will be continuing to dive with Kamala and Singledivers for many years to come!!!!! Come and join us for a fabulous time. little mermaid @ 06/20/2015, 11:55 am

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Still need more assurance? Got a special question you need addressed? Then simply email or call 864-557-6079 and I'll be happy to reply in person! (Note: Email is often best as I do travel frequently leading our awesome trips!) WreckWench @ 05/25/2015, 10:41 am
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