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Having been a diver for about 30 years, I have been on numerous dive trips. I have been lucky enough to do some of those trips with family and friends, but the majority were by myself. That left me with the option of paying the single supplement, or taking my chances with the mystery roommate and dive buddy. That has left me with a wide range of experiences, as far as roommates and buddies go. Some good, some OK, and some bad. There have also been a number of trips where I was in a group of 16 or so divers, but I felt as if I was on that trip all alone. I stumbled across Kamala, and her company, a number of years ago while at Beneath the Sea. My dive trips, and diving experiences have changed significantly since then. No more concern for a single supplement, I am regularly matched with roommates and dive buddies that I will happily room and dive with again, and there is always a group feeling on the trips. In an age of most things being internet related in one way or another, this online dive club is wonderful. I have made many new friends, and look forward to many more trips in the future, where I continue to meet new dive buddies. Diver Ed @ 05/22/2016, 2:08 pm
Been a member of SingleDivers for a few years but never was able to get away on a trip...until this year. I was lucky enough to get to cross off one of my "bucket list" dives sites, Truk Lagoon. Not only did SingleDivers arrange a great trip but the group was friendly and willing to pass on their knowledge and experience without making anyone feel self-conscious. The boat, the staff, and the group made a great dive experience into a great life experience. I will definitely do many more SingleDiver trips! ScubaScar @ 05/22/2016, 2:57 am
I just returned from my bucket list dive trip - Wakatobi in Indonesia. The quality of diving, the resort and staff was well beyond my expectations and made it all possible. I'm a single woman and a year ago could not imagine how to bring diving back into my life. Now, I'm three trips in with this great group and I enjoyed my 100th dive half way around the world at one of the best dive locations in the world. Click on Trips right now and start planning your next dive! Hesitant because you have medical or special dietary needs? Hasn't been a problem for me, each trip has been more then accommodating. Just pick a trip, get yourself there and the rest falls into place. See you underwater! Penny Haughwout @ 11/08/2015, 9:14 am
I recently did the Bonaire trip. I can't say enough about how this trip exceed my best expectations. Diving was awesome, accommodations great, group was very fun, Met some wonderful people and simply had a truly great time. Kamala does a wonderful job orchestrating the event, will definately do another and would highly recommend. Jerry Albright, singledivers @ 10/03/2015, 5:46 am
Bonaire 2015 was my first time on a SD trip. I had a fantastic time. Everything was very well organized and it seemed a perfect balance of group and on your own time. The resort was nicer than I expected. Kamala did an ideal job with my buddy and roommate match.

I highly recommend a SD trip to anyone. marcia huston @ 09/15/2015, 1:21 pm