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Frequently Asked Question

I can't login in!!! What do I do?

 I can't login in!!! What do I do?

First tell us where you are trying to log into...the home page or the forums? (This assumes you have created either a free basic account with us or an upgraded premium account. If you have not please join the club by registering a FUN SCREEN NAME)

Why does this matter? We have tied our legacy forums to our new booking system and website so you can keep an existing screen name if you had one on the site, book* your trips 24/7, do all your documents online, make progress payments etc. all without help from one of our volunteers. HOWEVER we can't allow PERSONAL FINANCIAL info stored on the new booking side of the site to pass unprotected to the old forums side of the house and vice versa. THEREFORE to ensure security of ALL your info if you want to post a testimonial, open a help ticket or book a trip* you must log into the home page HERE and if you want to use the forums you log into the forums HERE.

*To book a trip you must not only log into the home page booking system but you must also have upgraded your club membership to a premium level otherwise you can NOT log in producing what appears to be an error.


Secondly your screen name or"; href="";> and we will help you create a fun one!

">handle = your login name and the password is the same no matter where you try to log in. (note for security of your personal data you must log into the forums to use them although most of it allows you to peruse as a guest and even if you logged into the forums you must log into the main page to book a trip or do a review or create a help ticket. The rest can be perused as a guest. So if you are logged into part of the site and want to use the other part you MUST LOG IN AGAIN TO EACH PART OF THE SITE TO USE IT. This keeps your data safe.)


Third, only certain things require you to log in. Check the list below for what you need to log in for and where.

  • I want to read about your tripsNo need to log in. Click on upcoming trips and then click on the DETAILS button for the trip you want to learn more about. You will be taken to our forums and do not need to be logged in to read about our trips.
  • I want to ask a question about a trip  - You need to be logged into the FORUMS Follow the steps above to find the details and TO ASK A QUESTION VIA A POST you NEED TO LOG INTO the forums (found in upper right corner). You can also email as well.
  • I want to learn more about - No need to log in on either side of the site. Feel free to click on the tabs on our home page to learn more about us OR click over to our forums and learn more about diving, destinations, travel tips, dive education, or just check out who's going on a trip...what to expect...look at the pictures and videos and more! You do not need to be logged in on etiher side to learn more about us.
  • I want to comment on a post or introduce myself. - You need to be logged into the FORUMS. This will happen on the FORUMS side of the site and you WILL NEED TO BE LOGGED IN to post ask questions, introduce yourself etc.
  • I want to book a trip. - You need to be logged in via the homepage main toolbar login access area. To join one of our trips you need to join our dive club by registered as free basic member on the site using a FUN SCREEN NAME and then upgrading to one of our annual premium membership levels. You will not be able to book a trip until you are registered as a member and your membership is upgraded. To then book a trip you log into the main page, read the details for the trip you wish to book and then click on the BOOK NOW button and follow the prompts. 
  • I'm booked on a trip and I can't find the OFFICIAL TRIP PM & MESSAGES sends each trip goer. - You must be logged into the FORUMS and then you'll see the letter icon on the same toolbar as the login box. Click on that and you'll see all the updates to the trip you are on.


I can't log into the home page?

  1. Are you registered as part of Your registration via our forums = your membership to the club. You can not log in if you are not registered aka a member of our club.  SOLUTION: Register a fun screen name HERE.
  2. Are you trying to write a testimonial or open a support ticket? SOLUTION: If so you must log in via the home page otherwise you do not need to log in...simply proceed.
  3. Are you trying to book a trip? SOLUTION: If so you must join the club via registering, then upgrade your membership to a premium level (good for a year) and then if you used paypal to pay your dues you will automatically be upgraded and you can NOW LOG IN AND BOOK A TRIP immediately upon paying. If you use the payment portal you will be manually upgraded 2-3 days after paying and can book your trip after being upgraded.
  4. Are you trying to learn more about our trips or the club? SOLUTION: No need to log in. Simply click on tabs and drop downs and read all you want. Or click over to the forums and learn even more. Can't find what you are looking for? Either check our FAQ or email or call 864-557-6079 and if Kamala aka WreckWench is not underwater leading a trip...she will call you back as soon as she can. And don't forget to visit our forums as well. They ALSO allow you to learn all about our trips as well as diving, dive destinations and more. 

I'm a basic free member and I can't find where to see the trip details?

  1. We use our forums to share the info about our trips so that the info is organized, thorough and you can more readily ask quetions right in the trip discussions. SOLUTION: Click either on the DETAILS link in the Trip Table found under UPCOMING TRIPS or click over to the FORUMS and click on UPCOMING TRIPS or Click on TRIP FORUMS and scroll down chosing the trip you are interested in. Open that subforum and you'll see EVERYTHING you need to know about our trips.

I'm logged into the Surface Interval Community forums and I'm a registered member but wanted to see the full trip listing and now don't appear to be logged in anymore? What did I do wrong?

  1. Sometimes going back and forth between the home page and booking system for our trips and the forums causes you to be logged out. SOLUTION: Simply log in HERE if you want to be in the forums or click HERE for our upcoming trips. You do not need to be logged into the home page UNLESS you want to book a trip, write a review or open a support ticket.

I created a membership, I upgraded it, I logged into the fourms no problem but I can't log into the main page to book a trip?

  1. Timing is the answer to this issue. If you used Paypal to pay your dues you will be upgraded automatically and can book as soon as you finish the registration and pay your modest annual dues. If you used the payment portal option i.e the only non Paypal option then it will take 2-3 days for the payment to get thru all the steps needed to upgrade your membership. SOLUTION: So Paypal dues = INSTANT ACCESS and SD PAYMENT PORTAL= 2-3 DAYS DELAY TO MANUALLY PROCESS.  Once you are upgraded THEN you can book your trip. To try and expedite this process email and we can try and shave a day off the process for you but it will still take 1-2 more days before you can book.


Fourth, if you are still having problems logging in please email and one of our awesome club volunteers will help you.