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Frequently Asked Question

What are Forums? Why do you use them? How do you use them and/or get help?

What are Forums?

Forums are what used to be 'message boards' / 'community chat rooms' and they superceded all social media including early social media like 'myspace'. In other words they were the *first* social online hangouts for people. In those days you protected your identity so used a 'pseudo name' 'screen name' 'handle' and 'avatar' to hide your identity.  So while they have been followed up by new social software aka 'social media' they are not obsolete....yet. ;)

For those unfamiliar with 'forums' they are like an electronic filing cabinent with drawers = categories and file dividers = sub forums and file folders = topics and posts = the papers inside of a file folder.  They are easy to use if you realize how they are organized and the structure resemebles a book outline of what is inside the specific forums you are looking at. Simply scroll down looking for the areas/topics you are interested in.


Why do you use them?

We started in 2004 and forums were the only online social platforms available at that time and for many years after that. They still exist and provide invaluable content that can't be organzied via social media platforms of today. They are amazing references that are irreplaceable inside of a given subject ie. in our case scuba.

Specifically we use them for our dive trip management and for general dive information as well as social aspects. But the most important aspect of our forums is we use them to tell you in a consistent way all about our trips, they allow you to communicate with others on the trips as well as the trip leaders.

No technology since has evolved that allows you to protect your identity while simultaneously interact 24/7 with others on a trip or in the community without ever revealing your private information and yet having real time access and communication abilities. Yep...that's why we still use them! They are powerful communication tools that 100% protect your privacy and security.

How do you use them and/or get help?

As mentioned they are an electronic filing cabinent of diving and travel information that our club thinks divers are interested in. Over the years this outline has evolved and certain subjects are of more interest to divers and other subjects are of less interest.

They consist of topics = a dialog or subject matter and posts = individual snippets of info from members or trip leaders etc. They are filed in an outline of Scuba topics found HERE and basically all 'forum software' works the same. However if you encounter any issues please email for help.

NOTE: Member profiles are NOT accessible to general/basic members which is our free membership level. The same holds true for PM's or private/direct messaging. Our site requires that you be a 'premium or upgraded' member to PM or DM a person and/or to look at their profile info and/or to join us on a trip since we use these tools to manage vital trip communications.