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Frequently Asked Question

My antivirus software says your site is not safe or that I am being blocked? What do I do?

  • Many sites get accidentally blacklisted because the carrier gets blacklisted and therefore all the sites hosted on it get blacklisted. This is the number one reason that members/guests receive a message stating our site is unsafe.
  • Some carriers and/or software is triggered by the word "single" in our name. This typically happens with corporate networks but can also happen with some of the home user spam programs as well. 
  • The third reason is an expired security certificate.

What to do?

  1. If you know you can either use your anti-virus software to override the warning and/or manually add to your whitelist from the 'blacklist'*.
  2. If you can't get thru due to the word 'single' in our name you may have to use another device to access us that is not hampered by the firewall that rejects us due to the word "single".
  3. And if you get the expired security certificate you can use advanced tools to allow you to override that objection either one time or permanently.
  4. If you don't know us please do an online search about us and read reviews, check out people's comments etc. And then feel free to contact us via or call Kamala Shadduck personally at 864-557-6079 and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

*There is a feature in all antivirus/malware blockers to override warnings like this based on the user's personal experience and judgement. This feature should be present on the same screen as the Blocked Site warning pop up page. If not, search the Norton or other app for "How do I override a blocked site?" or "How do I add a blocked site to the Whitelist?".

    Norton tips HERE