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Frequently Asked Question

I've just found this place and have no idea what you offer or how I benefit AND you have so much going on I'm totally confused. Isn't there a simpler way?

YES there is and we have 2 answers for you.

1. First please call us at 864-557-6079 (or text in case we are leading a trip) or email and we'll be happy to quickly help you figure it all out.

2. The second part of this reply is that we are totally revamping our home page and underlying support areas and resoucces to help our members have a better experience. THIS IS WHERE YOUR CONFUSION HELPS US. By telling uw what you EXPECT TO SEE BUT CAN'T FIND OR DON'T help us better answer how to answer your original question.

So thank you for reaching out and we truly hope to restructure our messaging so that its easy for everyone to understqnd and figure out!


  • We are a dive club with thousands of members around the world.
  • We leverage our buying clout to get our users exceptional diving deals and 'red carpet' service on our group trips as well as your individual dive trips
  • We run 12-15 group dive trips and events a year all over the world for all skill levels...many uniquely offered only by us.
  • We use our forums to allow users to communicate, find info and share info (diving related of course)
  • We have social media outlets to help spread the word and engage our fans and members
  • We offer the most complete and sophisticated yet easy to use dive trip booking system that will allow you to sign up for a trip paying either a deposit and progress payments or in full while allowing early booking discounts and other special incentives for active duty military, our retired veterans and police, sheriff and firefighters.  Our system also allows you to complete all your trip documents online and complete rooming and diving profiles that enable us to provide you with an exceptionally compatible roomie or diving buddy.
  • And more...just ask us!