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Frequently Asked Question

How Do I Log in so I can ask a question about the trip or "Post" a question as you call it?

 Go to:
 Click: Forums
 Click: Take me to Surface Interval Forums
 Log into the upper right corner AGAIN even if you were logged into the homepage.

Then click on the topic title that you wish to reply in or ask a question in and look for the last box which will be empty and will say "REPLY TO THIS POST". Simply type what you want and then click on the POST button in the lower right corner next to the "More Reply Options" button. The latter will let you do fancy things with your post and/or see it before you publish it.  

Once your question is asked we will reply to it by quoting your question so the system will send you an email advising that someone has replied to a topic you are subscribed too.  

As always if you need additional help email