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How is the trip information organized so I can find what I need?

How is the trip information organized so I can find what I need?

We use our forums to organize a lot of information that is ALSO easy to update and manage realtime. If you are familiar with forums you'll see the logic pretty quickly. If you are new to forums please feel free to email with questions. We try to allow you to navigage several different ways but if you don't get it or aren't sure you can post a question in our forums pretty much anyplace you think looks ok (we can move it for you if needed) or just email us for help. When we are above water not leading a trip you can reach us via 864-557-6079.

Every trip has a series of boilerplated topics as seen below. Each of these topics have hot link buttons to the other topics for that trip at the top of the topic post.

So when you click on the TRIP DETAILS button from our trip table...if the trip is not open for booking yet then you'll be taken to the "Notify me when this trip is open" topic. Log in and post to be notified and we will add you to the list. If the trip is open for booking then when you click on the DETAILS link in the table it will take you to the #1 Topic aka Trip Topic aka The Full Details, Pricing, Discounts etc. Once inside that topic you can use the hot link buttons at the top to find the other topics mentioned below including a hot link back to the BOOK NOW area of the site.

#1 Trip Topic =  Full trip details, pricing, discounts, accommodations, travel details, etc.  (Locked. Only Admins can post to this)

#2 Trip Topic =  Ongoing Trip FAQ and Answers to the questions from topic #3  (Locked. Only Admins can post to this)

#3 Trip Topic = Questions Topic... ask all your questions in this topic  (Open to anyone to post who is registered and logged in)

#4 Trip Topic = Who's Going, Who's doing what extras, Tours, Add On's etc. (Open to anyone who is GOING on the trip to post in if registered and logged in)

#5 Seeing Is Believing = The trip in know the whole one pic = 10,000 words thing (Locked. Only Admins can post to this)

BOOK NOW = A hotlink back to the shopping cart for the trip you are viewing so you can book a spot or add on's etc.

More detailed information is available in the thread title "How to Use this Forum to Manage Your Trip"