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Frequently Asked Question

Your shopping cart will not let me sign up? What's wrong?

Your shopping cart will not let me sign up? What's wrong?

First off we are really happy you are joining us (or trying to join us) on a fun an fab dive trip. We will list the typical reasons you can't sign up online below but we want to let you know that if you've tried and just can't make it work or need to keep a coupon/discount honored before it expires then then feel free to email and tell us what booking issues you have encountered or you can call 864-557-6079 and if we are above water not leading a trip, we'll be happy to take your call or call your right back. If you can't reach us live then PLEASE email us.

Now for the main reasons you can't sign up via our shopping cart:

  • You are not registered on the site aka have not joined the club yet. (see FAQ for how to)
  • You have joined the club but are not logged in.  (see FAQ for how to) NOTE: Transfering from the Trip Details to the Booking function will often log you out from one secure system when transfering to another secure system. So while you think you are logged in you are not)
  • You are logged in but your membership is not upgraded.  (see FAQ for how to)
  • Your membership is upgraded and you are logged in but you are trying to load an item into your cart that is sold out.   Choose another pkg or if you are sure we have availability because the "Who's Going" topic for the trip says we do then email and we will assist and/or get the item into inventory etc.
  • None of these so how do I get help?  (Simply email or you can call 864-557-6079 and if we not underwater leading a trip we will help or call you back.)